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Environmental Graphic Design: Connecting Brand and Culture in the Physical Space

We as humans are attracted to experiences. …And those experiences are tied to place. How we experience a physical space shapes and molds our thoughts and actions—how we react to or perceive not only the place, but whatever’s associated with it. This holds true for your company environment, too.

Your space can make or break how current or future employees see you as an employer of choice and how potential customers see you as a valued partner. It can be one of your most powerful ways to make people believers in you.

And there’s evidence to back that up.

Gensler’s 2017 Experience Index indicates five main manners in which people experience a space. These “modes of experience,” or intentions with which people interact with a space, include: Task, Social, Discovery, Entertainment, Aspiration

In these findings, they found that  “people are 10 times more likely to share their experience on social media” when a branded space has unique design features and include dynamic environmental graphic design.

But it goes beyond just creating eye-catching graphics.

You must incorporate your vision, mission, values and position so that you can tell your unique story and have buy-in from your employees to deliver a premium experience to customers. According to Harvard Business Review, “You need to have employees who understand and embrace the distinct ways you create value for customers, the points that differentiate your brand from the competition, and the unique personality that your company uses to express itself.”

But you may ask yourself, how do I create an authentic branded space that sets us apart from our competition and influences people? Next, we’ll explore:

  • what environmental graphic design is, and the essentials
  • 5 types of environmental graphic design
  • and 5 ways it influences people and culture

Spaces that are prime candidates for this include but aren’t limited to: corporate headquarters, retail spaces, hospitals, schools, universities, sports venues, and anywhere else people are engaged within a space.

These brand spaces use graphic elements or design to create brand stories through messaging, color, imagery and typography that align with your company.

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